Baby Pajamas for Better Baby Sleep and Buying Online

You want to make sure the baby pajamas you choose are best for sleep, comfort, and, most importantly, your baby’s safety.

Baby Pajamas Sizes

Your baby’s pajamas should not be too large or loose-fitting. Although you know your baby will be growing fast, avoid the temptation to buy two sizes too large expecting her to fit in them in the next couple of months. You want your baby’s pajamas to fit snugly, but not be so tight that it cuts off circulation, either.

Keep in mind, when you choose pajama sizes, that there may be times where you have a onesie underneath and, of course, a diaper (until your baby is potty trained). Most types of baby pajamas will be sized according to your baby’s weight, however, I found that many times pajamas shrink after you wash them, depending on the material. Therefore, even if I bought the “right” size, the pajamas would be too small within a short time thereafter. Similar to buying your own clothing, keep in mind shrinkage. I personally found that baby pajamas tends to shrink more than regular baby clothing, so you may want to buy one size up and

What materials make the Best Pajamas?

Ok, perhaps calling your sleepwear “jammies” is more of a little kid thing, but as long as they do the job, who cares what you call them? What material your sleepwear is made of is by far the most important factor in comfort. These fabrics will be sure to give you such a nice sleep that you will end up wanting to wear them the whole day. If you have a job where you work from home; that is exactly what you will do. If you don’t, you’ll wish you did. Check out this list for the materials that make the best pajamas:

Flannel–It’s not just for lumberjacks these days!
Why should you choose flannel? Here’s a few reasons why: it is usually made from cotton, but can also be made from wool; it’s just so dang comfortable; it’s thick and insulated, making it super warm; it’s breathable, attempting to prevent overheating; machine washing isn’t a problem; and lastly, it’s really strong and durable.

Silk–Yes, it comes from a worm…an amazing little worm.
A little fancier than flannel is silk. Now to list some of its most tempting properties: soft, soft, and even more softness; it’s the strongest

How to choose girl smocked pajamas

Hand smocked pattern

Parents always want to buy the best sleepwear for their girl and girl smocked pajama is one of the most popular choices of parents. However, how to choose the best smocked pajamas for baby girl? This article will help parents answer this question. Please read and get more information involved in selecting good pajamas for baby girls.

1.     Choose the right size of baby girls smocked pajamas

Like any girl smocked clothing, smocked pajama is available in all size. You need to know the right size of your baby to pick up right kid smocked pajamas. Baby’s sizes are always measured through age of the baby. However, each baby grows at different rates and they can be chubbier or smaller than standard size of their age. Therefore, you should base on their weight and height to determine their right size. The right sizes baby smocked pajamas are ones that make babies comfortable and allow them to move freely.

2.     Select safe smocked pajamas for girl

When buying pajamas for baby girls, safety and comfort are the biggest priorities. Sleepwear often has decorative details such as bows, pom-poms, patches, large buttons, and zippers… They are certainly adorable, but may not be safe for children because they may drop and quickly slip

Working in your pyjamas? 5 tips for being productive

Working from home is expected to become increasingly prevalent over the coming decades, as is already a commonplace option for small business owners, the self-employed and employees working from home. But unless you are Hugh Hefner, pyjamas may not be the ideal daywear of choice to be productive. Here are five basic tips to stay on top of your game as a home-stationed operator.

1. Equip yourself

Not only does a good workman not blame his tools, he makes certain that he has the most favourable tools for the job at hand.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. Here’s my number one office equipment tip: do not overlook the importance of a good chair. Ambitious business owners, self-employed workers and work from home employees deserve all the support they can get, and a good quality office chair will provide this in the most literal sense.

Clearly define your workspace, which will ideally comprise a separate room from other common living areas. It should be reasonably spacious, tidy and appropriately well lit. Most business owners or self-employed who work from home today are likely to need a range of office equipment, including effective telephone access and a quality broadband internet connection.

Equipping your home office

Pyjama birthday party theme

Whether you make it a slumber party, a pyjama party is always a fun party theme! Add some polka dots and it’s even prettier.

Polka dot pyjama party theme invitations

  • Hand delivered mail is quite uncommon, but if the invitees are neighbourhood friends, this is a fun way to invite them – a balloon filled with confetti and a rolled-up invitation inside. They’ll have to pop the balloon to read the invite – but that’s the fun part!

Polka dot pyjama party theme costume ideas

  • Pyjamas are the things to wear, of course! Even better if they’re of the spotted variety! If you wanted to go all out, grab a plain set of PJs and paint polka dots freehand on it.

Polka dot pyjama party theme decorations

  • Cut out a bunch of circles with a circle punch and various coloured card and stick to the walls randomly with masking tape. Or sew together and create a coloured garland. You could also create a garland from felt balls.
  • Big round balloons (Lovely Little Parties has some great huge round balloons) filled with helium and tied to a table or chair.
  • Coloured paper lanterns or tissue-paper pom poms.
  • Using a range of different fabrics or sheets, create cool sleep zone tents

The Enduring Appeal of Pajama Dressing

Not long ago, the practice of wearing pajamas during the day was largely confined to college campuses or the exceptional lifestyles of Hugh Hefner and Julian Schnabel. No longer. Whether it’s a piped silk top, roomy drawstring pants, or a combination of the two, “pajama dressing” has become an unlikely but enduring high fashion trend with half a decade’s worth of staying power now under its belt and little sign of waning.

Indeed, designer Marc Jacobs — whose three Fall 2013 shows (for his signature collection, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vuitton) were all replete with silk sleepwear sets — is so taken with look, that he himself wore a different pair of pajamas for each show’s runway bow. Meanwhile, looking forward to Resort 2014, several fashion houses, from Rochas to Gucci, have incorporated echoes of pajama pieces. And on the men’s side, the Spring 2014 offerings from Haider Ackermann, Dries van Noten and Stefano Pilati‘s collection for Ermenegildo Zegna were populated with lounge-inspired, silk jacquard silhouettes.

Such is the continuing traction of the pajama trend that it has led to the launch of several labels largely dedicated to the pajama look, including Piamita, brainchild of W

Top 5 pyjama party games

Spin the nail enamel bottle:Okay, so this is a spinoff from the original, but this one is great fun too. Your friends sit in a circle and you spin a bottle of nail polish in the centre. When it stops, the player towards whom the cap is pointing has to paints a finger nail. You can change the polish as you go along.
Scavenger hunt: This one can build the appetite for a midnight snack too. Hide clues around your home and keep a prize for finding the ‘treasure’.

Pass the pillow: In this game players pass a pillow to each other. To make it interesting, stuff the pillow with small chits of paper on which an activity is mentioned. Whoever gets ‘out’ has to do this activity.
Midnight makeover: Divide the group into two. Let one player from each team get a makeover. Both teams get the same cosmetics so no one has a greater edge.
Catch the killer: How about solving a murder mystery while you party? Everyone draws a slip of paper and returns it folded without a word, to a bowl. One slip has the word ‘murderer’ on it and as the party

The Modern Guide to Choosing the Best Pajamas

If you haven’t shopped for pajamas in a while, you’ll be surprised at the choice available out there. Gone are the days where you would only have one pair of cotton pajamas with a collar and turn-ups.In recent years pajama ranges have exploded in several ways to give you more sleeping comfort through ever-newer fabrics and cuts.Regardless of the climate or temperature, the savvy consumer can get comfort and restful sleep throughout the year simply by selecting from various pajama styles most suited to the season or weather.Most people readily buy special jackets for very cold or hot weather, but are unaware that the same advances are available for nightwear.Cold Weather/ Winter PajamasOne of the most practical advances in pajama design in recent years is the use of naturally warm fabrics for extremely cold weather.Full or double fleece pajamas give you extra warmth and comfort in very low temperatures – great for family visits to the log cabin up north. And these styles also come with footed pants or hoods.Other pajamas made with fabrics such as thick cotton are better suited for less extreme environments. Unlike double fleece pajamas which keep you warm and cozy in exceedingly cold environments, thick

How Do I Choose the Best Winter Pajamas?

When you shop for winter pajamas, you should choose something that will provide warmth and comfort. If you’re choosing winter pajamas for a child, consider buying one-piece, footed pajamas that will keep the entire body warm. Material such as flannel andfleece will provide more warmth than cotton or polyester. You must also decide whether you prefer a pajama set or top and bottom separates.

Children’s winter pajamas often are available in colorful cartoon character designs. Children also enjoy wearing pajamas with a holiday or winter theme, so if you’re buying winter pajamas for a child’s gift, consider reindeer or snowflake prints. Whatever designs you decide to buy for children’s winter pajamas, long-sleeved styles are best for warmth. Winter blanket sleepers are ideal for toddlers or children who tend to kick the covers off at night.

If you enjoy pajamas that fit snug against the body, or if you live in a cold climate, consider buying thermal pajamas. Thermal pajamas are made for men, women, and children. Thermal pajamas are generally available in a variety of colors. Children’s thermals may also be available in prints or character designs.

Consider buying lounge pants for versatility. Winter lounge pants are good for sleeping in or

8 Dos and Donts When Buying Pajamas

Pajamas are loose-fitting apparel that is designed primarily for sleep and for comfort. Many pajamas are unisex in their design, allowing both men and women to wear them. Kids’ pajamas, on the other hand, often contain foot coverings and are advertised as onesies because they are only a one-piece garment. Pajamas for both adults and children can range in material, in size, in color, and in length. They come in countless designs and patterns that can be geared to fit anyone’s interests. While kids’ pajamas may feature popular cartoon characters or animals, pajamas for adults may be simpler in their design. The type of pajamas that a buyer chooses will often be based on factors such as their sleeping habits or their personal preferences. They should also coordinate with the weather, as some pajama materials are better suited for certain seasons. In order to help buyers choose a pair of pajamas that will fit their needs, this guide will discuss eight do’s and don’ts for buying pajamas, and it will instruct buyers on how to search for and purchase pajamas at retailers such as brick and mortar department stores and online sites like eBay.

1. Do Confirm the Pajamas’ Measurements

When purchasing

Pajamas That You Can Wear to Work? This Startup Wants to Be the Lululemon of Sleepwear.

For many women, sleepwear tends to consist either of the discombobulated dregs of one’s wardrobe — handed-down boxer shorts, ratty T-shirts and frumpy sweatshirts, for instance — or, on the other hand, uncomfortably decorous lingerie.

“The outfit that you wear to sleep is usually defined by being something so unattractive that you wouldn’t wear it in public,” says entrepreneur Ashley Merrill. “But the weird thing about that is that it’s the environment where you’re with the people who you probably want to look your best and feel your best around.”

Seeking a breezier option that fell somewhere in between, the 31-year-old fashion lover established Lunya (a play on “lugna,” the Swedish word for relaxation) in October 2012. As a mother-of-two — son Linken is 2 and daughter Vesper is 1 — Merrill sought to create a sleepwear line for “the modern woman,” she says. After several years in development, the line officially launched in November 2014.

Lunya was self-funded, Merrill says, which “changes the pressure, but doesn’t mean there is none.” Her husband Marc Merrill co-founded Riot Games, whose League of Legends franchise posted revenues of roughly $1.3 billion in 2014. Merrill has no professional fashion experience, but previously served as the managing director ofMomtastic,

Top 8 Pajamas for Newborns

With the plethora of baby clothing and accessories available, new parents are often confused about what to buy. However, understanding the difference between the top pajamas for newborns and what sets them apart from the rest simplifies the buying process. Pajamas should fit snugly, as loose pajamas are a fire risk. Although pajamas come in flame-retardant materials, many parents object to the chemicals used to create the fabric. Untreated materials are safe provided there is not much space between the baby’s skin and the pajamas. The following pajamas are safe, convenient, and designed to keep newborn babies cool or warm enough while they sleep. Newborn pajamas are available from a wide variety of sources, including baby, department, and clothing stores, as well as at online sites such as eBay.

Footed Pajamas

Footed pajamas, also known as footies, are a perennial favorite with parents and little ones. These consist of a one-piece suit with long sleeves and long legs. Since babies love wriggling out of socks, footies come with built-in feet that attach to the legs. This keeps baby’s toes snug without the constant battle of keeping socks on their feet. When choosing footed pajamas, parents should ensure that the suit is

Pick the right pajamas to get your best night’s sleep.

Getting good slumber requires more than just scheduling a consistent bedtime. In fact, creating the right sleep environment—considering light, temperature, and more—can be the difference between fitful dozing and a long, full night of sleep. Another important element: what you wear to bed. Picking pajamas to help support good shut-eye is surprisingly simple.

Focus on Fabric

First and foremost, choose sleepwear that feels good when you put it on. If you dislike the slippery sensation of silk, for example, you won’t get good shut-eye in a silky pair of pj’s. Being strategic about what your sleep attire is made of can also help regulate your body temperature during the night, which, in turn, can promote better slumber. So consider the following fabrics.

  • Cotton: This all-natural fabric is lightweight and soft to the touch; it’s also breathable, allowing for air circulation, and doesn’t tend to irritate the skin. However, cotton does a poor job of insulating and may make you cold if worn in a cooler climate without adequate blankets. It’s also inefficient at wicking away moisture, so if you experience night sweats, it may not be the best choice.
  • Silk: This fabric is a magical

China’s stock market and the rise of the ‘pyjama traders’

China’s volatile shares have affected millions of individuals – the shop owners, pensioners and other small traders, who make up 80% of China’s investors. How have China’s stock exchanges come to be dominated by “traders in pyjamas”?

When my Aunt Jin retired from her sedentary office job at the age of 55 several years ago, she spent some time wondering what to do with her golden years. She started by going dancing with her old friends from work but then she moved away from her old apartment and gradually that hobby fizzled out.

Thankfully my outgoing aunt never keeps still for very long – she’s always got a new interest bubbling away.

Shortly after hanging up her dancing shoes she found a new pastime. She started watching various TV talk shows that teach old-timers how to become rich.

‘Self-made billionaires’

You can see the attraction. These shows are usually fronted by pundits dressed as sophisticated self-made billionaires – a bit like a TV version of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

It all started in 2009 when China was seeing a massive stock market boom. Every time I visited my aunt, as I chatted away I’d see her move closer and closer to her TV

Health Benefits of Wearing Pajamas to Bed

Some people feel that you should only wear pajamas to bed if you are really young.
Men especially find pajamas a little bit childish, and they prefer to see a woman wearing seductive silk nighty in bed.

Wearing pajamas is not our recommendation.
Our recommendation would be to find what your preference is. If you like sleeping without your underwear, than you should definitely do it.
Some people feel naked and weird if they do not have pajamas on them.
Since the most important thing in bed is to be as comfortable as possible, there is no rule of what is the correct way.
Your choice will depend on your climate and season.
You certainly won’t wear pajamas in the middle of summer if the temperature is very high during the night.
Like we said before, comfort is the key is this situation.
Now we will mention some of the benefits of wearing pajamas to bed.

They keep your warm

This is obviously the biggest reason why people want to wear pajamas to bed.
In winter, it is much more comfortable to wear them because your body will be warm very quickly and it will be able to stay warm.
It doesn’t matter

This Is How Often You Should Wash Your Pyjamas To Prevent Acne, Cystitis And Allergies

When was the last time you washed your pyjamas?

A week ago? Or maybe a fortnight? Or even a month?

While you might think they’re clean, chances are they’re really, really not. In fact your dirty pjs could be causing all manner of health problems including cystitis, allergies and even skin complaints such as acne.

A study of over 2500 young people, found that the majority of people wear the same pyjamas for more than two weeks at a time.

For 78% of men, the main reason for their lack of frequent pyjama-washing was because someone else did the laundry and, therefore, they had no control over it. *Rolls eyes*

Meanwhile, women argued that they swap between different pyjamas during the week and then end up forgetting how long they’d worn them for.

The sniff test appeared to be the most common method for testing pyjama dirtiness, with 50% of men and 41% of women saying that if their pyjamas didn’t smell bad they wouldn’t bother changing them.

But, you can’t sniff out bacteria, and that’s the main issue here, as the build up of bacteria – particularly in sebaceous sites on your skin (the oily bits) – can cause acne.

Many people carry staphylococcus bacteria, which can

Why Pajamas Are The Key To Health And Happiness

Everyday wellness is about taking care of yourself and feeling good, every day — and every night. It doesn’t just mean eating right and exercising. It also means finding small, simple ways to take care of ourselves and feel good about ourselves. And here’s one of the simplest ways out there: Upgrade your pajamas.

Many of us are tired by the end of the day — way too tired to care what clothes we choose to wear to bed. If we’re lucky, we’ve managed to brush our teeth and wash off our makeup before we pass out on the pillow. But thinking about pajamas? Not so much.

Your bed is simply for sleeping and for sex. It’s not a place for eating dinner or sorting the day’s mail or catching up on “Game of Thrones”. Just because its uses should be limited doesn’t mean the bed isn’t important. And that’s exactly why you might want to think about what you slip on before you slip in.

Feeling good on the inside sometimes comes from looking good on the outside. Wearing your old college sweatshirt to bed, your boyfriend’s favorite T-shirt or yesterday’s clothes doesn’t necessarily do much for your self-esteem. And if you

Pyjamas to keep thousands of kids snug

The Herald on Sunday is today launching a campaign to provide much-needed pyjamas for some of New Zealand’s most vulnerable kids.

We have teamed up with the Middlemore Foundation to support its annual Jammies in June campaign.

The initiative is in its third year and we’re calling on readers to help raise a record $40,000 and 10,000 pairs of new pyjamas.

Cash donated will be used to buy more pyjamas, as well as blankets, socks and other items to keep Kiwi kids toasty this winter.

Herald on Sunday editor Miriyana Alexander urged readers to get behind the campaign.

“The foundation does a fabulous job, and I’m delighted to lend our support to this pyjama fundraiser,” Alexander said.

“It’s confronting to think so many Kiwi kids might be going to bed cold this winter — but that’s the reality.

“Please join us to ensure thousands more can go to bed snug and warm this winter.”

Among those to receive pyjamas are Jackson, 3, D’Angelo, 19 months, and Giselle Iwihora, 9, seen above with their mum Angela.

Every winter, admissions to Kidz First, at Middlemore Hospital, skyrocket, from around 320 in January to 700 in August.

Many of those admissions are for illnesses that could have been prevented if kids lived in

18 Reasons Pyjamas Are Better Than Regular Clothes

If you ever needed an excuse to wear your pyjamas, here are 18 for you.

1. You don’t need to be wearing the latest trend to feel good

They come in a variety of colours, patterns, shapes and materials. You get to pick the ones YOU like and not what Cosmopolitan thinks you ‘must have’ this season. There is no fashion when it comes to PJ’s, just pure and utter comfort.

2. You don’t get imprints on your body from pyjamas

Unlike bras, tights, knickers and jeans, Jim-Jams don’t dig into your body for hours on end meaning that when you peel them away, a clear imprint is left on your skin.

3. You don’t have to hold your stomach in

Because 90% of PJ’s are baggy. Take your bra off, un-tense your stomach and reeeelaxxxx.

4. They make great gifts

Birthdays, Christmas, Get Well Soon, whatever the event, why not make life better for someone by gifting them with a brand new, soft pair of PJs.

5. Size isn’t an issue

You don’t need to try on 3 different sizes in the shop to know which size to buy. PJ’s are generously spacious, so even if you get the wrong size, you probably won’t notice. Most PJ’s are size S, M or

How to Organise Your Pyjamas Drawer

A disorganized night wear drawer is the bane of few peoples lives. If your own collection of pyjamas is no longer neatly contained in the assigned dresser drawer, this article will help you organize your pyjamas drawer, and keep it organized in future.


1. Take out all of your jim-jams, PJ, jammers or pyjamas from the drawer
2. Sort through the various items, setting aside any that are too small, worn out or need to be cleaned or mended. Be strict if you collection is really unruly. There’s no point keep you favourite pyjama top if the bottoms are threadbare and unwearable. If the fabric has some sentimental attachment make something from it like a little draw string bag or some form of cloth toy.
3. Recycle unwanted items. Any of the pyjamas that are too small, but in good condition, you can give to someone else. Look for a charity in your area that will accept them. As pyjamas are occasionally worn without undergarments, charity shops may not welcome your donation. Cotton and cotton mix fabrics can always be reused as dusters or polishing cloths .
4. Any of the pyjamas that needed to be
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